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We specialize in developing custom-made innovation competitions for corporations.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

The National Museum of Education seeks to celebrate the learning, insight, creativity, and workmanship of America's students, teachers, administrators, and all those who have made a positive contribution to the educational process by recognizing and preserving their accomplishments for the inspiration of future generations.

Posted On: Jul 13, 2021
Susan Dudas has proudly carried her dreams based on her educational success and then into exciting business ventures! Continuing her family’s legacy of resilience and dedication, Susan started her own company to produce a line of skin care products.
Posted On: May 1, 2021
“Mobile Gardens©” is a world hunger project that invites innovators to design a sustainable food garden that is portable, meets varied needs of regions and climates, and utilizes locally-sourced materials. The goal is to provide highly nutritious food to populations in crisis. Many regions of the world experience challenges for food production due…
Posted On: Feb 8, 2021
Jack Andraka, a 2013 Inductee into the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors™, developed a paper test for pancreatic cancer that cost 3 cents with results ready in 5 minutes. This prodigy was age 15 at the time!  Check out what he's been up to lately....

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The National Museum of Education is the only organization in the U.S. that preserves and archives Student Inventions in our National Gallery for America's Young Inventors. We develop STEM and Arts National Competitions (Pre-K-College), invention camps, provide educational training ("Inventucation") for students and teachers and create curriculum. Our goal is to promote Innovation through Education.

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