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Announcing the W.I.S.E. Award

Frances O. Williamson Inventions in Science Education

ANNOUNCING: Frances O. Williamson Inventions in Science Education
Frances O. Williamson

With grateful and loving honor, we announce the new "W.I.S.E. Award" in the Student Ideas for a Better America™ program:   "Frances O. Williamson Inventions in Science Education".

For over 25 years, Frances O. Williamson was a science teacher and a pillar of the educational community. Her skilled, passionate and creative teaching introduced landmark projects to the science curriculum. Providing opportunities for students to race solar cars, launch rocket ships, and design maglev trains, Frances Williamson prioritized hands-on learning, interdisciplinary cooperation, and student creativity.
One ninth-grade class dedicated their yearbook to Mrs. Williamson: “She is not only a teacher, but also an advisor, friend and role model to all of us.  She is imaginative and enthusiastic in and out of the classroom.  She reminds us of the one and only Miss Frizzle from ‘The Magic School Bus’ leading into each [new]…adventure.”
The Student Ideas for a Better America™ award honors students who have embraced opportunities for inquiry, investigation and imagination that Mrs. Williamson fostered in generations of students.

SIBA - Frances O Williamson Inventions in Science Education Award



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Our mission:

Student Ideas for a Better America™ seeks to encourage the learning, insight, creativity, and workmanship of America’s students by recognizing and rewarding their accomplishments.

Our Goals:

  • To demonstrate that valuable ideas can be created by America’s youth.
  • To encourage students to develop their ideas into reality.
  • To move students from passive spectators to active participants.
  • To ignite the faith that students can solve real-world problems.
  • To inspire student pride in learning.
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