Ariel Krasik-Geiger

The Calibrated Angle and Depth Scissors

Ariel Krasik-Geiger

Seattle, WA
Age 12

During his twelve years, Ariel has produced a string of inventions including everything from a cherry picker to a better toilet plunger called the "Thunder Plunger".

While doing a geometry assignment that required cutting specific angles from a sheet of paper, Ariel got the idea for the Calibrated Angle and Depth Scissors. These scissors are equipped with a protractor that allows the user to easily cut precise angles and depths without having to use a pencil.

The Calibrated Angle and Depth Scissors won first place at the 1997 Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors Award program. Ariel plans to attend college and study engineering in order to fulfill his dream of going into space as a civilian astronaut.

Comic Art - Ariel Krasik-Geiger