Frances Williamson

Frances Williamson

Marblehead, MA

Tower School

Science Chair and Teacher

Grades: 6, 8, 9

Subjects: General Science, Physical Science, Biology

Taught from the 80's to the present.

Registered by: J. Michael Williamson

We, as a ninth grade, have decided to dedicate the yearbook to a teacher who has guided us from Middle School to Upper School. She is not only a teacher, but also an advisor, friend, and a role model to all of us. She is imaginative and enthusiastic in and out of the classroom; whether we are digging up whale bones, opening dragon eggs, or dissecting a fetal pig. She reminds us of the one and only Miss Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus” leading us into each unit with adventure. Mrs. Williamson, we thank you for the many memories, lessons, and advice that will help us as we move on from Tower.
-- Ninth Grade Class, Tower school.

Registered on 22 February 2006