Kelly L. Chaboudy

Kelly L. Chaboudy

Hudson, OH

Hudson Middle School Teacher

Grades: 7th grade

Language Arts

Taught from the 80's to today. 

Registered by: Former Student

Mrs. Chaboudy truly cares about each one of her students. She makes learning fun and always ties her teaching into events that are important to students. Mrs. C tells funny stories about her family and always sees the good in each one of us. It is to bad that all teachers don't care about their students like this wonderful teacher. Mrs. Chaboudy helped me through some difficult and ackword times in my middle school career. Through her guidance I learned to except others and how to work in a team situation. I also learned a great deal about tolerence. Mrs. Chaboudy prepared us for the future and for that I say thank you, you are the best.

Registered on December 8, 2005