Lorrie L. Stills

Lorrie L. Stills

Louisville, OH

Fairhope Elementary 


Grades: Kindergarten

Subjects: Kindergarten - all content areas

Taught from the 90's to present.

Registered by: Sandy Snyder

Lorrie's life long dream came ture when she was asked to come to Fairhope Elementary and teach the first grade. She eventually became the kindergarten teacher where she greets, loves, and inspires her forty-eight students each day. Lorrie teaches the kids to be independent and fosters a life long love of learning. Her encouraging words to her students are heard in the halls and the classroom each day. Her lessons are well thought out and planned ahead. Lorrie is a whiz on the computer and is always able to help those of us who are challenged in that area. She is willing to share her expertise on numerous subjects. On that is near and dear to her heart is the subject of pets. She has many animals both at home and in the classroom!

Registered on 12 December 2005