Victor Hakopian

Victor Hakopian

San Francisco , CA

Jean Parker Elementary School

Grades: K-5

Special Education

Taught from the 90s - present.

Registered by: Jenny Bank on November 1, 2005

Victor Hakopian is a colleague, mentor, and friend. He shows an insight into working with people with disabilities that is both inspiring and effective. A teacher of students with learning disabilities, Victor would 'get inside their heads' by sharing his own challenges as a person with a vision impairment. He tells his students that once he accepted his disability, he started to compete against himself; he started to see possibilities instead of obstacles. He also taught his students to advocate for themselves, to seek necessary accommodations that would make their education accessible to them. Victor has been a great inspiration to me as a teacher resource. He is also someone whom I am honored to call a friend.

Also awarded the Freida J. Riley Award - Click Here